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Recently, I got a call from my pal saying he had his phone damaged and it got some oil on the screen. It is hard to clean and I don’t want to get the phone replaced. Can I get a cloth and wipe it off? And what is the best method to clean it? I don’t want to damage the screen.

So, I replied by saying if you want to remove the oil, you can use a cotton ball and a bit of rubbing alcohol mixed with water, or you can use a soft toothbrush. Rub it with alcohol mixed with water and then just wipe it off.

Additionally, you can use the following tips below to get any dirt or oily stain out of your phone screen.

How to remove oil from a phone screen

How to remove oil from phone screen

Remove dust from the screen surface: Use a dry, soft microfiber cloth to remove the film of dust that has accumulated on the screen. Use a cotton swab to get rid of dirt and oils between the panel crevices and keys and the phone screen.

Use water and alcohol solution o wipe the screen: tIn a 60/40 ratio, wet the clean microfiber cloth with alcohol. Avoid using tissue paper, paper towels, or even your shirt because the roughness of the material can leave fine, permanent scratches on the screen.

Wipe the screen horizontally: To get rid of oil or grime, gently wipe the phone screen down two to three times in a horizontal motion.

Use a screen protector: To keep grease from sticking to the phone screen, spend money on adhesive screen protectors. Stick the glue to the screen after cutting it to fit the entire length of the screen.

People also ask

How can an oily screen protector be cleaned?

Use a solution that is made up of equal parts water and dish soap. Avoid using abrasive cleaners as well as cleaners with acid, vinegar, or chemical bases. Apply the mixture to the screen cautiously and give the cleaner 15 seconds to penetrate the filth. The mixture should then be removed with a soft sponge.

Can I use alcohol to wipe the screen on my phone?

Rubbing alcohol can cause the protective coating on many more recent phones to wear away more quickly over time, making your phone more vulnerable to scratches. Any “safe to use” phone screen cleaners should have alcohol listed in the product ingredients. Apple advises against using alcohol to clean its products.

Will hand sanitizer harm the screen of my phone?

The Oleophobic and Hydrophobic coatings on smartphone displays, which prevent oil and water from hurting your display and other ports, are made of sensitive material, thus applying a sanitizer (with 70% alcohol) will easily peel them.