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iA writer should be the companion of every user of Mac, iPad, and iPhone who routinely create reports, social networking postings, and other content.

If you’re a Mac or iPad user who routinely drafts text, authors reports, creates blog and social media postings, or writes professionally in any other way, iA Writer may be the most useful program you didn’t know you needed. This is true even if the majority of your writing consists of email messages, Google document notes, and Microsoft Teams posts. iA Writer provides capabilities and help that other Markdown apps lack.


What are the advantages and features of Markdown-based applications such as iA Writer?

Because iA Writer employs Markdown, a lightweight markup language that simplifies formatting, you may create content that can be reused in many areas – a typical requirement when producing information about products, services, advertising, marketing, technical, and financial performance. This eliminates recurrent difficulties associated with importing text into several apps (including Word, Pages, and Adobe products), cloud-based programs (such as CRM, finance, and ERP platforms), and web services (Ghost, Medium and WordPress among them).

Even though iA Writer is exceptional in this, their are other popular Markdown applications which typically include the ability to export to HTML, Microsoft Word, PDF, and rich text file formats, support for standard Markdown language text formatting code (such as single asterisks for italics, double asterisks for bold-face type, and the pound symbol for headings), iCloud file storage support, Dark Mode support, and cross-platform compatibility (Mac, iPad, iPhone, and even Windows).


What are some iA Writer alternatives?

All of the features in competitor apps like Bear, Byword, MacDown, Marked 2, Markdown Pro, and Ulysses are included in iA Writer. However, iA Writer’s combination of a simple-but-elegant user interface, an easily navigable organizer for locating and storing files, customizable menus, basic time-saving templates, and optional focus elements that help improve writing help explain why there is increasing media mentions and authors admitting to a reliance on the app. iA Writer augments the writing process with a unique combination of additional capabilities.

Bear is a Markdown application that supports over 150 programming languages, which means you can also write all your code in it. You may use facial recognition to encrypt individual notes and hashtags to search for specific information. It’s accessible for free on the App Store, with a Bear Pro option available for $1.49 per month or $14.99 per year.

Byword is more straightforward than the majority of iA Writer alternatives. It fully supports Markdown. You may preview your documents within the app, export them as HTML, PDF, or rich text, or publish them straight to Medium, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, or Evernote. A premium upgrade is available for publishing to WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Scriptogram, and Evernote. It is $5 for a one-time in-app purchase.

MacDown is an open-source Markdown editor aimed towards programmers who write Markdown code. Tzu-ping Chung, the creator of MacDown, stated that it was modeled off Chen Lou’s Mou, but with several additions. MacDown features an extremely flexible Markdown rendering engine, syntax highlighting within fenced code blocks, and intelligent auto-completion. It is completely free.

Marked is a Markdown and other plain text markup previewer. Utilize it with your preferred text editor, and it automatically refreshes as you save. With previewing, reviewing, and exporting tools, you may work in plain text while yet retaining the benefits of formatting. Additionally, Marked has a basic AppleScript vocabulary and URL scheme, making it simple to integrate into your workflow. It is compatible with a wide variety of text editors, from Vim and Emacs to Sublime Text and TextMate, as well as Markdown editors such as MultiMarkdown Composer, Byword, iA Writer, Ulysses, Scrivener, VoodooPad, and MarsEdit. It is $13.99 for a one-time purchase.

Markdown Pro provides real-time previews as you type. On the left, you write in plain text, while the panel on the right displays you how it will appear live. With Markdown Pro, you can create stunning documents, notes, essays, and term papers simply by tagging your formatting with plain text. According to the website, you never have to remove your hands from the keyboard while writing. It supports full-screen mode, autosave, version history, resume from where you left off, UTF8 support, among other features. It is $5.99 for a one-time purchase.

Ulysses is widely regarded as one of the best writing programs available. It is designed exclusively for Mac, iPhone, and iPad and is intended toward writers who do not write code – think novels, blog articles, and research papers. Writers appreciate its comfortable, concentrated writing environment, which is enhanced by its effective document management, seamless sync, and flexible export. While the app is free to download, in order to access all of its features, it provides a variety of membership plans ranging from $5.99 per month to $49.99 per year.


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How can I get started with iA Writer?

Writers and professionals who must produce content on a regular basis for work are well aware of how quickly distractions may derail the process. iA Writer assists writers in resolving this issue by encouraging and aiding them in maintaining their focus. Although the program’s menus and settings are significantly fewer than those in, example, Microsoft Word, iA Writer’s Focus Mode (Figure A) automates the process of concentrating on your work and minimizing distractions. Regardless, the program’s writing-focused features continue to provide a wealth of useful options—automatic highlighting of unfamiliar words, multiple exporting options, PDF previews, common formatting options, multiple view settings, and seamless cloud storage integration, to name a few—that aid in the writing, creative, operations, production, and publishing processes.


Figure A

ai writer

Additionally, the program supports you in enhancing the actual quality of your writing. With the option to instantly enable automatic color highlighting of adjectives, nouns, adverbs, verbs, and conjunctions as you type, repetitious and needless words become clearly visible.

Why is this significant? According to an expert journalist,  adjectives and adverbs shouldn’t be used in press releases. Wasn’t the purpose of a promotional announcement to heighten the drama? However, this teaches us a valuable lesson: the finest messages are succinct, truthful, and devoid of superfluous language.

The application itself is quite light in resources. The application consumes few CPU cycles and memory. It is so light you’re not even aware that iA Writer uses any resources on your Mac, iPad (whose iA Writer presentation is displayed in Figure B), or iPhone, because it loads and responds so swiftly to typing and comments. It has a little footprint. Nonetheless, everything you write—client reports, news pieces, and blog posts—comes more naturally.

Figure B

ia writer

I find that my attention is more focused and my production is more efficient as a result of iA Writer’s basic interface that focuses on and prioritizes writing. Because iA Writer comes pre-configured with an easy-to-read monotype font, my confidence grows after just a few sentences. The New Yorker recently commented on this phenomena, observing how the font’s equal spacing of each letter and punctuation mark creates a sense of progress that is lacking in forms that do not provide equal space to each character. To be honest, it’s strange, but the consequence is a true sense of advancement.

Fortunately, you may try iA Writer without making a commitment: Mac users can download a free trial of the application. However, iPadOS users must pay $29.99 for the iPad app. However, when you purchase the software through Apple’s App Store, you obtain both the iPadOS and iOS versions. Simply budget an additional $29.99 for the Mac edition.

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